Transactions: 10-04-07


200K WJRD-AM Tuscaloosa AL from Citadel Broadcasting Company (Farid Suleman) to JRD Inc. (James E. Shaw, David M. Baughn, Ronald B. Price). 20K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Buyer also receives right of first refusal to acquire seller’s WDGM-FM Greensboro AL provided it is not sold as part of a group of stations. LMA 8/3/07. [File date 9/13/07.]

175K KAQQ-FM Odessa-Midland TX (Midland TX) from Educational Public Radio Inc. (William Lacy) to La Promesa Foundation (Leonard J. Oswald et al). 8,750 escrow, balance in cash at closing. Station is noncommercial. [File date 9/13/07.]