Transactions: 10-05-07


13.5M KLCL-AM/KNGT-FM, KJEF-AM/KHLA-FM, KJMH-FM & KTSR-FM Lake Charles LA (Lake Charles, Jennings, Lake Arthur, De Quincy LA) from Apex Broadcasting Inc. (G. Dean Pearce) to GAP Broadcasting Inc. (George Laughlin). 1.35M escrow, balance in cash at closing. Existing superduopoly. LMA 10/1/07. [File date 9/14/07.]

800K KAAI-FM CP Palisade CO from Todd Deneui to Covenant Educational Media Inc. (A. Fletcher Anderson, Bradley G. Wetherell, Beatrice Ward). 50K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Seller must reimburse FCC for bidding credit. Buyer is noncommercial entity. CP is for Class C3 on 98.5 MHz with 215 w @ 2,989′. [File date 9/17/07.]