Transactions 10-05-09


$500K WLNP-FM/WCDL-AM & WNAK-AM Wilkes Barre-Scranton PA (Carbondale, Nanticoke PA) from WS2K Radio LLC (Ira Rosenblatt) to Bold Gold Media Group LP (Vince Benedetto, Robert Tambur, Robert Vanderheyden). $25K escrow, $75K cash at closing, $400K note payable in one balloon payment not before 9/30/10 or at one year anniversary of closing. Superduopoly with WICK-AM/WWRR-FM Scranton, WYCK-AM Plains and WFBS-AM Berwick PA. [FCC file date 10/1/09]

$235K WHDD-AM Sharon CT from Willpower Radio LLC (William J. Stanley) to Tri-State Public Communications Inc. (Marshall Miller, Richard Dwelley, Jill Goodman). $23.5K escrow, balance in cash at closing. LMA 10/26/06. Combo with WHDD-FM Sharon CT. Buyer is non-profit entity.