Transactions: 10-11-07


12M WLIE-AM Nassau-Suffolk NY (Islip NY) from Long Island Multimedia LLC (Stuart Henry) to The Principle Broadcasting Network New York LLC, a subsidiary of Mercury Capital III G.P. LLC (Charles W. Banta, Peter S. Handy, C. Teo Balbach, Sandra A. Miller). 5K earnest money, 735K escrow, 11.26M cash at closing. 11M goes to LIMM; 1M goes to Deer Park Properties for real estate. Seller may earn 1M or 2M extra depending on disposition of upgrades, which include CP to increase daytime power to 4.35 kW. LMA 1/1/07. [File date 9/26/07.]

650K WNRR-AM Augusta GA from Eastern Broadcasting Group Inc. (Michael J. Sbuttoni) to Will Nunley Broadcasting LLC (Will Nunley). Promissory note. [File date 9/25/07.]