Transactions: 10-12-09


$3M KMRK-FM, KCRS AM-FM/KCHX-FM & KFZX-FM Odessa-Midland TX (Odessa, Midland, Gardendale TX) from GAP Broadcasting Midland-Odessa License LLC, a subsidiary of GAP Broadcasting LLC (George Laughlin) to ICA Radio Ltd., a subsidiary of ICA Broadcasting LLC (John Bushman, Barry Marks et al). $300K escrow, balance in cash at closing.l LMA 10/1/09. Existing superduopoly. Cross-ownership with KOSA-TV (CBS). [FCC file data 10/9/09]

$1.25M KXPC-FM Lebanon OR from Portland Broadcasting LLC (Christopher F. Devine) to Educational Media Foundation (Mike Novak). $62.5K escrow, $437.5K cash at closing, $750K note. FCC lists as licensed but silent. [FCC file data 10/9/09]

$375K WEHA-FM Atlantic City NJ (Egg Harbor NJ) from WXXY Broadcasting Inc. (Vincent Klepac) to Spread the Gospel Inc. (William Hawkes Jr. et al). $25K down payment, $350K note. Station is noncommercial. [FCC file data 10/9/09]

$300K WITY-AM Danville IL from Vermillion Broadcasting Corporation (Donald E. Ward) to Illiana Communications LLC (David W. Brown). $3K escrow, balance in cash at closing. [FCC file data 10/9/09]

$10K FM CP Jackson MO from I.G.W.T Community Radio (Carl John Sims) to Educational Media Foundation (Mike Novak). Cash. CP is for Class C3 on 89.9
MHz with 9.9 kw @ 328. [FCC file data 10/8/09]