Transactions: 10-15-10


$575K WLBK-AM DeKalb IL from WPW Broadcasting Inc. (Don Davis) to DeKalb County Broadcasters Inc. (Larry Nelson, Pam Nelson). $100K earnest money, balance in cash at closing. LMA 10/1/10. Superduopoly with WSQR-AM Sycamore IL, WSPY-AM Geneva IL. [FCC file date 9/29/10]

$15K FM CP Paxton IL from California Association for Research and Education Inc. (Daniel Steffy) to Hyles-Anderson College (Richard MacCormack et al). $3K down payment, balance in cash at closing. Requests 18-month extension of CP. CP is for Class B1 on 90.5 MHz with 19 kW @ 292’. [FCC file date 9/28/10]