Transactions: 10-19-09


$1.2M KEYU-DT, KAMT-LP/KEAT-LP/KEYU-LP Amarillo TX (Borger, Amarillo); KUWF-LP/KTWW-LP Wichita Falls TX; and KWKO-LP & KUTW-LP Waco-Temple-Bryan TX (Waco, College Station TX) from Borger Broadcasting Inc. D.I.P., a subsidiary of Equity Media Holdings Corporation (Connie Vaughn) to Midessa Broadcasting LP (Robert H. Drewry). $200K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Duopoly in Amarillo with CBS KFDA-TV. Seeking failed station waiver to allow the acquisition of Univision KEYU-DT in the Amarillo DMA. [FCC file date 10-16-09]