Transactions: 10-27-09


$1K FM CP Greensboro GA from Athens Christian Radio Inc. (Janet A. Jackson) to Community Public Radio Inc. (Lowell Jackson, Penny Jackson et al). Cash. CP is for Class C3 on 89.9 MHz with 10 kw @ 315’. [FCC file date 10/26/09]

$1.00 WKRE-FM CP Argo AL & WJAU-FM CP Lincoln AL from Wilbur Gospel Communications & Foundation (Grey Wilson) to Alabama Christian Radio Inc. (Jimmy Jarrell et al). Cash. WKRE CP is for Class A on 88.1 MHz with 4 kw @ 253’; WJAU CP is for Class A on 89.5 MHz with 2.2 kw @ 259’. [FCC file date 10/26/09]

N/A KFFF AM-FM Boone IA from The Faith & Freedom Network to Truth Broadcasting Corporation (Stuart W. Epperson). Truth will pay up to possibility $20K liability for FCC Media Bureau fines, and will cover up to $20K in montly operating losses beginning 10/1/09 through closing. [FCC file date 10/26/09]