Transactions: 10-27-10


$3M WKJI-FM/WRCN-FM Nassau-Suffolk NY (Center Moriches, Riverhead NY) from IW LLC, related to Barnstable Corporation (Albert J. Kaneb, Michael R. Paglia, David P. Widner) to JVC Media LLC (Peter G. Schiff, Victor Canales, John Caracciolo, Paul Homer, Henry T. Wilson). $300K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Superduopoly with WBON-FM Westhampton NY and WPTY-FM Calverton-Roanoke NY. [FCC file date 11/19/10]

$130K WUTI-AM Utica NY from Digital Radio Broadcasting Inc. (Charles Williamson) to Leatherstocking Media Group Inc. (James V. Johnson, David Russell, Raymond B. Holohan). $10K escrow, $90K cash at closing, $30K note. LMA 9/20/10. [FCC file date 11/19/10]