Transactions: 10-28-09


$18M KFUO-FM St. Louis MO (Clayton MO) from The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (Thomas W. Kuchta) to Gateway Creative Broadcasting Inc. (Ron Lowry, Sandra B. Brown et al). $150K escrow, $1.35M cash at closing, $16.5M note. Buyer and seller are both non-profit entities. Seller retains assets useful for running a Classical format and may use a KFUO HD side channel for that purpose at its own expense. [FCC file date 10-27-09]

$6.5M KSEV-AM Houston-Galveston TX (Tomball TX) from Liberman Broadcasting of Houston License LLC, a subsidiary of Liberman Broadcasting Inc. (Lenard Liberman) to Patrick Broadcasting LP (Dan Patrick et al). $125K deposit, balance in cash at closing. LMA since 3/15/01. [FCC file date 10-27-09]

$123,750 WMWV-FM/WVMJ-FM/WBNC-AM Concord NH (Conway NH). 11% of Mt. Washington Radio & Gramophone LLC from Ronald Frizzell (60% to 49%) to Greg Frizzell (40% to 51%). Promissory note. [FCC file date 10-27-09]