Transactions: 10-5-10


$25K FM CP Alamosa CO and FM CO Raton NM from Praise Temple Way of the Church of Christ (Eugene McCrea) to Radio Bilingue Inc. (Leonor Lizardo, Hugo Morales et al). $2K deposit, balance in cash at closing. Alamosa CP is for Class C2 on 89.1 MHz with 40 kW @ -223’; Raton CP is for Class C1 on 11.5 kW @ 1,061’. [FCC file date 9/22/10]

N/A WJHJ-FM Springfield IL (Kincaid IL) from Saving the Children Inc. (Eric A. Hansen) to Illinois Bible Institute Inc. (Larry H. Griswold et al). Gift; however, seller will collect up to $20K of profits if station is resold. CP is for Class B on 89.1 MHz with 45 kW @ 394’. [FCC file date 9/22/10]