Transactions: 10-6-10


$350K KIYS-FM Jonesboro AR (Walnut Ridge AR) from Combined Media Group Inc. (Bobby Caldwell, 45%) to East Arkansas Broadcasters Inc. (Bobby Caldwell, 100%). Caldwell takes full control of station in debt assumption deal. Superduopoly with KBTM-AM, KFIN-FM, KWHF-FM, KNEA-AM. [FCC file date 9/23/10]

N/A FM CP Point Reyes CA from Colina Alta Ministries Inc. (Kenneth R. Leitch) to One Ministries Inc. (Kenneth R. Leitch et al). Donation. CP is for Class A on 91.3 MHz with 100 W @ 289’. [FCC file date 9/22/10]