Transactions: 11-03-08


N/A KORB-FM CP, FM CP & FM CP Juneau AK from One Ministries Inc. (Keith Leitch et al) to Educational Media Foundation (Mike Novak). Swap for KAIS-FM CP Hopland CA. KORB-FM CP is for 88.1 MHz, FM CP #1 is for 89.7 MHz & FM CP #2 is for 90.5 MHz. All three are Class C3 with 10 kw @ -1,214’. [FCC file date 10/8/08]

N/A KAIS-FM CP Hopland CA from Educational Media Foundation (Mike Novak) to One Ministries Inc. (Keith Leitch et al). Swap for KORB-FM CP and two additional FM CPs, all licensed to Juneauy AK. KAIS-FM CP is for Class A on 88.7 MHz with 11 w @ 1,394’. [FCC file date 10/8/08]