Transactions: 11-11-11


$400K KKAN-AM/KQMA-FM Phillipsburg KS from James W. Yates, Executor for the Estate of Walter C. Seidel to Robert D. Yates Jr. d/b/a RTY Broadcasting. $100K to James W. Yates at closing; $100K to John C. Seidel at closing; $100K note to Donna D. Seidel; $100K in-kind distribution to buyer Robert D. Yates Jr. [FCC file date 11/2/11]

N/A WMFK-FM CP Kennebunkport ME and WMTP-FM CP Conway NH from New Life Media (Ford Bishop) to Word Radio Educational Foundation (Ronald R. Malone et al). Donation. Buyer seeks main studio waiver. Kennebunkport CP is for Class A on 88.3 MHz with 300 W @ 43’; Conway CP is for Class A on 91.1 MHz with 90 W @ 866’. [FCC file date 10/29/11]