Transactions: 11-15-10


$10M KLVS-FM Stockton CA. 100% of San Joaquin Broadcasting Company from LaRue Family LP (81.7%) and Annette LaRue (18.3%) to Educational Media Foundation (Mike Novak). $100K option payment, $500K escrow, $1.65M cash at closing, $7.75M note. Network affiliation agreement 12/22/09, LMA 2/19/10. [FCC file 11/3/10]

N/A KNRV-AM Denver CO (Englewood CO) and KNUV-AM Phoenix AZ (Tolleson AZ) from New Radio Venture Inc. (Heberto Limas-Villers) to Amigo Multimedia Inc. (Joseph Bowar, Stephanie Limas-Villers). Chapter 11 transaction involving Centennial Investment & Management Company Inc. as secured lender. Debt assumption tracing to a 7/12/07 Citywide Bank loan to NRVI of $2.5M. [FCC file 11/4/10]