Transactions: 11-29-10


N/A KFLX-FM Flagstaff AZ (Chino Valley AZ) from Grenax Broadcasting III LLC (Greg Dinetz) to Grenax Broadcasting II LLC (Greg Dinetz, Eric R. Miller, Thomas D. Barber, Michael Hooks, Susan Lee). Debt forgiveness pursuant to $1.15M promissory note of 4/13/07. Superduopoly with KBTK-FM Kachina Village AZ, KSED-FM Sedona AZ and KWMX-FM Williams AZ. [FCC file date 11/15/10]

N/A KQDL-FM CP Hines OR from Oregon Public Broadcasting (Steven M. Bass) to Calvary Chapel of Twin Falls Inc. (Michael Kestler et al). Swap  FM translator 252DL. OPB also pays $3K. CP is for Class A on 90.9 MHz with 300 W @ 875’. [FCC file date 11/15/10]

N/A FM CP Santee NE from Santee Sioux Nation (Cora Jones) to Nebraska Indian Community College (Jerry Denny, Michael Oltogge et al). Donation. CP is for Class A on 88.9 MHz with 5 kW @ 344’. [FCC file date 11/15/10]