Transactions: 11-8-10


$500K WNEB-AM Worcester MA from Blount Masscom Inc. (William Blount) to Emmanuel Communications Inc. (Raymond J. Lauring, Mark Lauring, Michael Grimes).  $50K escrow, balance in cash at closing. [FCC file date 10/28/10]

$303K KJTZ-FM Abilene TX (Stamford TX) from H.D. Nunez to Texas Gulfwest Communications Corporation (Walter Haenggi, Jim Martin). $3K cash, forgiveness of $300K in debt. [FCC file date 10/29/10]

$250K WTRB-AM Ripley TN from West Tennessee Regional Broadcasting Inc. (Lacy Ennis) to WTRB Inc. (Emry Johnson). $25K deposit, $225K note. [FCC file date 10/26/10]

$90K KCLW-AM Hamilton TX from Lasting Value Broadcasting Group Inc. (Meredith Beal) to M&M Broadcasters Ltd. (Gary L. Moss). $7.5K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Combo with KHHG-FM Hamilton TX, which M&M is acquiring in a separate deal. [FCC file date 10/20/10]