Transactions: 12-09-08


$699K KRXZ-FM CP Grand Junction CO (Redlands CO); KXML-FM CP Salmon ID; FM CP Kayee WY; FM CP Las Vegas NM; and FM CP Hudson WY from Skywest Media LLC (Ted Tucker Jr.) to Cochise Media Licenses LLC (Ted Tucker Sr., Jana Tucker). Debt forgiveness. Duopoly between Kaycee CP and KGRK-FM CP Glenrock WY. KRZX-FM CP is for for Class C3 on 106.1 MHz with 1.55 kw @ 1,257’; KXML-FM CP is for for Class A on 99.9 MHz with 200 w @ -1,312’; Kaycee WY FM CP is for for Class C2 on 92.1 MHz with 15 kw @ 551’; Las Vegas NM CP is for for Class C2 on 93.7 MHz with 26 kw @ 13’; Hudson WY CP is for Class C on 102.9 MHz with 100 kw @ 1,923’. [FCC file date 11/17/08]

$1 KVDC-FM CP Dodge City KS from TBTA Ministries (Kenneth M. Layton) to Victor Broadcasting Inc. (James E. Price III). Cash. CP is for Class C2 on 88.7 MHz with 45 kw @ 348’. [FCC file date 11/14/08]