Transactions: 12-1-10


$9.25M KSJO-FM San Jose CA from Aloha Station Trust LLC (Jeanette Tully) on behalf of Clear Channel Broadcasting Inc. to Universal media Access – KSJO-FM LLC (Charles W. Banta, William Saurer Jr. et al). $1,387,500 escrow, balance in cash at closing. Duopoly with KCNL-FM, KLOK-AM. [FCC file date 11/17/10]

$1K FM CP Snowflake AZ from Treehouse One Inc. (Debbie Eckelbarger) to Advance Ministries Inc. d/b/a New Life Christian School (Richard Tatham, Grace Tatham, Faron Eckelbarger, Ed Davenport). $250 deposit, balance in cash at closing. CP is for Class C2 on 88.5 MHz with 44.5 kW @ 46’. Seeking 18-month CP extension. [FCC file date 11/17/10]

N/A KKJM-FM St. Cloud MN (St. Joseph MN) from Gabriel Communications Company – St. Cloud (Martin Enneking) to Gabriel Media (John F. Kinney et al). Gift. [FCC file date 11/17/10]