Transactions: 12-13-10


$135K FM CP Chama NM from KUTE Inc. (B.J. Boucher) to Radio Bilingue Inc. (Hugo Morales, Maria Erana et al). Cash. Requests waiver for 18 month CP extension. CP is for Class A on 91.7 MHz with 4.5 kW @ 312’. [FCC file date 12/1/10]

$10K WTCY-FM CP Greilickville MI from Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools (Michael Buell) to Baranga Broadcasting Inc. (Donald W. Speckman et al). CP is for Class C3 on 88.3 MHz with 2.4 kW @ 584’. [FCC file data 11/30/10]

$1 FM CP Cedar Lake TX from Centro Cristiano de Vida Eterna (Hector Guevara) to Hispanic Family Christian Network Inc. (Maria Guel et al). CP is for Class C2 on 89.9 MHz with 50 kW @ 180’. [FCC file data 11/30/10]