Transactions: 12-15-10


$350K WNUY-FM Fort Wayne IN (Bluffton IN) from IM IN Licenses LLC, a subsidiary of Independence Media of Indiana LLC (Jenn Reader) to Godwin-Starks Property Management LLC (Deborah Godwin-Starks, John W. Starks Sr.). $17.5K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Co-ownership with LPFM WQSW-LP Ft. Wayne. [FCC file date 12/3/10]

$200K KKQX-FM & KSCY-FM Bozeman MT (Manhattan, Four Corners MT) from Radick Construction Inc. (John M. Radick V) to Silver Star Communications Inc. (Jeffrey H. Balding, Susan S. Balding). $1K down payment, $1K cash at closing, $198K note. LMA for KKQX since 8/10/05, and for KSCY since 6/15/08. Superduopoly with KBZM-FM Big Sky MT, licensed to buyer’s Orion Media LLC. [FCC file date 12/3/10]