Transactions: 12-23-09


$150K WFMH-FM Hacklesburg AL from Williams Communications Inc. (Walton E. Williams Jr.) to TNT Inc. (Thomas T. Hutcheson). Debt assumption. [FCC file date 12/21/09]

$123,750 AM CP Concord NH (Conway NH). 11% of Mt. Washington Radio & Gramophone LLC from Ronald R. Frizzell (60% to 49%) to Gregory L. Frizzell (40% to 51%). Promissory note. CP is for a Class C on 1340 kHz with 620 w-U, ND. Will join duopoly with WVMJ-FM, WMWV-FM & WBNC-AM, all in Conway NH. [FCC file date 12/21/09]