Transactions: 12-28-10


$100 KSVZ-FM CP Silverton CO from Educational Communications of Colorado Springs Inc. (Ronald Johnson) to Make a Difference Foundation Inc. (Gayle Nyquest). Cash. CP is for Class A on 89.7 MHz with 250 W @ -1,867’. [FCC file date 12/15/10]

$1 WAMD-AM Baltimore MD (Aberdeen MD) from Salem Media of New York LLC, a subsidiary of Salem Communications Corporation (Stuart W. Epperson, Edward G. Atsinger III) to Radio Broadcast Communications Inc. (William B. Parris III, Joseph Schweighardt). Cash. Duopoly with WYRE-AM Annapolis, being brokered by buyer in LMA. [FCC file date 12/15/10]

$1 FM CP Russellville KY from Bowling Green Community Broadcasting Inc. (James G. Chapman) to Calvary Chapel of Bowling Green Inc. (Ryan Smith et al). Cash. CP is for Class A on 91.5 MHz with 1.4 kW @ 154’. [FCC file date 12/16/10]