Transactions: 12-29-11


$800K KAVL-AM & KTPI-FM Los Angeles CA (Lancaster, Mojave CA) and KTPI-AM Mohave CA from Aloha Station Trust (Jeanette Tully) and CC Licenses LLC (John Hogan et al), on behalf of Clear Channel Broadcasting Inc. to RZ Radio LLC (Saul Rosenzweig). $80K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Duopoly in Los Angeles with KDAY-FM Redondo Beach. [FCC file date 12/15/11]

$26.5K KMHO-FM CP Mountain Home TX from Snavely Broadcasting Company LLC (David Snavely) to George Chambers. $5K escrow, balance in cash at closing. CP is for Class A on 102.1 MHz with 6 kW @ 272’. [FCC file date 12/12/11]