Transactions: 2-06-09


$1.35M KHFH-FM Oxnard-Ventura CA (Ojai CA) from Shepherd Communications Inc. (Tom Bronleewe) to Logos Broadcasting Corporation (Daniel Lemburg, Daniel Woods, Leon Maksoudian, Steve Potratz, Tyler W. Liljekvist). Cash less LMA paymets, unpaid balance as of 12/31/08 was $308,932. LMA/option 1/10/03. Station is noncommercial. [FCC file date 1/6/09]

N/A FM CP Bradford RI from Colina Alta Ministries Inc. (Kenneth R. Leitch) to Connecticut Christian Radio Outreach Corporation. (Dobbie Paskewich et al). Donation. CP is for Class A on 91.1 MHz with 780 w @ 177’. [FCC file date 1/2/09]