Transactions: 2-16-12


$1.05M FM CP Fayetteville AR (Greenland AR) from JEM Broadcasting Company Inc. (Elvis Lee Moody) to Hog Radio Inc. (Jay W. Bunyard, Teresa S. Bunyard). $50K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Seller had 35% bidding credit and will reimburse $89,250 to FCC. Also, $70K 9/22/11 deal between related entities in which Bunyards’ Oucahita Broadcasting was to sell KENA-AM Mena AR to Moody’s M and M Media will be nullified. Duopoly between FM CP and KUOA-AM Siloam Springs AR and KAKS-FM Huntsville AR. CP is for Class C3 on 101.5 MHz with 10 kW @ 509’. [FCC file date 2/2/12]