Transactions: 2-18-10


$450K KTLZ-FM Cuero TX from Radio Assist Ministry Inc. (Clark Parrish) to The Worship Center of Kingsville (Rufino Sendero Jr.). $10K deposit, $10K upon FCC approval, $430K note. Station is noncommercial. [FCC file date 2/16/10]

$25K AM CP Garapan-Saipan MP from Management Advisory Services Inc. (Robert F. Kelley Jr.) to Blue Continent Communications Inc. (Rosemond B. Santos, Gerhard R. Sword, Gordon Marciano). $6.25K on execution of contract, $6.25K within 45 days of filing application with FCC, balance in cash at closing. CP is for Class B on 1440 kHz with 3 kw-D, 500 w-N, ND. [FCC file date 2/16/10]