Transactions: 2-22-10


$5M KJAC-FM/KCUV-FM Denver CO (Timnath, Greenwood Village CO) from NRC Broadcasting Inc. (Timothy Brown) to Moreland Properties LLC (Douglas Moreland et al). $250K escrow, balance in cash at closing. TBA 4/1/10. Existing duopoly. [FCC file date 2/17/10]

$310K WJNZ-AM Grand Rapids MI (Kentwood MI) from Amicus Management Inc., Receiver for WJNZ Radio LLC (Daniel J. Yeomans) to Holy Family Radio (Cherly D. Doyle, Judson L. Kovalak Jr., Mary W. Quiroz). $50K deposit, $300K cash at closing, $10K holdback amount. TBA until closing. Bankruptcy proceeding approved by Kent County Circuit Court. Buyer is noncommercial. [FCC file date 2/18/10]