Transactions: 2-22-11


$1K WFGP FM CP Portland ME (Green ME) from Andy Valley Knights of Columbus Home Inc. (David Roy) to The Presence Radio Network Inc. (Ron Gobeil et al). Cash. CP is for Class A on 91.1 MHz with 450 W @ 164’. [FCC file date 2/10/11]

N/A KHOI-FM CP Story City IA from Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames (Deb Klein) to KHOI FM (Roger Parmenter et al). No consideration. CP is for Class A on 89.1 MHz with 2.7 kW @ 253’. [FCC file date 2/11/11]

N/A WQQA-FM CP Forestville WI  from Sturgeon Bay SDA Church (Jerome Marin) to Radio 74 Internationale (Everet W. Witzel et al). Donation. CP is for Class A on 91.7 MHz with 4 kW @ 236’. [FCC file date 2/11/11]