Transactions: 3-11-11


$2 FM CP Eureka KS from Tightrope Broadcasting Inc. (Vern Egli) to Lightwave Inc. (Robert Jackson et al). $1.00 deposit, $1.00 cash at closing. Buyer seeks 18 month CP extention. CP is for Class C3 on 88.1 MHz with 3 kW @ 495’. [FCC file date 3/3/11]

N/A KFTG-FM Pasadena TX and KUZN-FM Centerville TX from Aleluya Christian Broadcasting Inc. (Roberto Villarreal) to Aleluya Broadcasting Network (Roberto Villarreal et al). Gift. Includes nine FM translators. [FCC file date 3/1/11]

N/A FM CP Freer TX from New Wine Christian Church of San Antonio (Tammy Botello) to Centro Cristiano Cosecha Final (Francisco Diaz et al). Donation. CP is for Class C3 on 91.5 MHz with 4 kW @ 475’ [FCC file date 3/4/11]