Transactions: 3-20-08


80K WITM-AM Marion VA from Appalachian Educational Communications Corporation (Kenneth C. Hill) to Staley Creek Broadcasting Inc. (Justin M. Plaster). 1K earnest money, 1K cash at closing, 80K note. Buyer will also allow seller to air one 30-minute program weekly. LMA 2/15/08. Seller is non-profit. Buyer will return station to commercial status. [File date 2/20/08.]

40K KKDL-FM CP Dilley TX from In Phase Broadcasting Inc. (Mark Hiner) to La Nueva Cadena Radio Luz Inc. (Israel Tellez, San Juan E. Tellez, Isaac E. Tellez). Cash. CP is for Class A on 93.7 MHz with 2.5 kw @ 266′. [File date 2/20/08.]