Transactions: 3-4-11


$300 FM CP Burlington CO; FM CP Camp CO; and FM CP Wray CO from Educational Communications of Colorado Springs Inc. (Ronald Johnson) to Academy Media Inc. (Paticia Johnson). $100 cash for each CP. Burlington CP is for Class A on 88.7 MHz with 250 W @ 236’; Campo CP is for Class C3 on 91.9 MHz with 12 kW @ 226’; CP is for Class A on 91.1 MHz with 5 kW @ 236’. [FCC file date 2/23/11]

$1 KNAK-AM Delta UT from Accent Radio Inc. (Jedidiah Harrison) to Curt Crosby. Cash. [FCC file date 2/22/11]

N/A WMEX-FM CP Edgartown MA from Foothills Public Radio Inc. (Dennis Jackson) to Vineyard Public Radio (Margaret Jackson et al). Transfer for no consideration. Seeks 18 month extension on CP. CP is for Class A on 88.1 MHz with 150 W @ 89’. [FCC file date 2/22/11]