Transactions: 4-02-09


$1.25M WWDG-FM Syracuse NY (DeRuyter NY) from Aloha Station Trust LLC (Jeanette Tully) on behalf of Clear Channel Broadcasting Inc. to Foxfur Communications LLC (Craig L. Fox, Samuel J. Furco Jr.), related to Cram Communications LLC, Renard Communications Corporation ande WOLF Radio Inc. $125K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Superduopoly with WSIV-AM, WAMF-FM, WVOA-AM CP, WVOA-FM, WOLF-AM & WOLF-FM. [FCC file date 3/6/09]

$169.5K KWXI-AM Glenwood AR from Daniel Broadcasting LLC (Chris Daniel) to MLS Broadcasting Inc. (Robert A. DelGiorno Jr.). Debt assumption, taking over promissory note in favor of Judith Robertson. [FCC file date 2/26/09]