Transactions: 4-22-09


$1.5M WAZX-AM Atlanta GA (Smyrna GA) from Ga-Mex Broadcasting Inc. (Javier Macias) to DTS Broadcasting LLC (David Stewart, Tok Cha Stewart, Sarah McCorkle). $45K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Although seller retaions non-Atlanta station WAZX-FM Cleveland GA, both buyer and seller will have the right to use WAZX call letters. [FCC file date 3/27/09]

$18K WGTT-FM CP Emeralda FL from Sunbelt Educational Broadcasting Inc. (Raul Ortiz) to Bible Clarity (Linda De Romanett). Note payable six months after closing. Station permit expired 3/26/09, deal contingent of FCC grant of 18 month extension. CP is for Class A on 91.5 MHz with 700 w @ 180’. [FCC file date 3/27/09]