Transactions: 4-26-11


$10K KXFX-FM CP Shelbina MO & FM CP Diamond City AR from Serendipity Educational Broadcasting Inc. (Harold S. Vogt) to The Power Foundation (John R. McClure et al). Cash. $5K allocated to each station. MO CP is for Class C3 on 89.1 MHz with 12.5 kW @ 325’; AR CP is for Class A on 88.5 MHz with 2 kW @ 266’. [FCC file date 4/14/11]

$100 KQNM-AM Milan NM from Cibola Radio Company (Don Davis) to Isleta Radio Company (Martha Whitman). $50 down payment, $50 cash at closing. Duopoly with KMYN-AM Alamo NM/ KMYN holds CP to move to Isleta. [FCC file date 4/11/11]