Transactions: 4-27-09


$2.65M WRGA-AM/WQTU-FM Rome GA from McDougald Broadcasting Corporation (Paul C. Stone) to Rome Radio Partners LLC (Howard C. Toole, James Smith, D. Randall Quick, Cheryl Scott). Promissory note. LMA until closing. One of buyers has interest in WRBF-FM CP Plainville GA and buyer will LMA WSRM-FM Coosa GA from Stone’s Coosa Broadcasting Corporation. [FCC file date 4/6/09]

$950K WMCR AM-FM Oneida NY from Warren Broadcasting Company Inc. (Vivian Warren) to Leatherstocking Media Group Inc. (James Vincent Johnson, Raymond E. Holohan, David Russell). $95K escrow, balance in cash at closing. [FCC file date 3/30/09]

$450K KRBL-FM Lubbock TX (Idalou TX) from Triumph Communications Inc. (Kenneth L. Ramsey, Kelly D. Ramsey) to Albert G. Benavides and Ricky G. Benavides). Buyer is stepping in for Claro Communications Ltd., owned by their their brother Gerald Benavides. $30K escrow from Gerald Benavides, $50K escrow from buyers, $20K cash at closing less LMA payments, $350K note. LMA 4/1/09. Duopoly with KAMZ-FM Tahoka TX. [FCC file date 4/7/09]