Transactions: 4-7-11


$1.1M WHIL-FM Mobile AL from Spring Hill College (Richard P. Salmi) to The Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama (Malcolm Potter, Lynda Gilbert et al). $55K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Buyer seeks main studio waiver. [FCC file date 3/25/11]

$50K WVOV-AM Danville VA from Danville Christian Radio Ltd. (Sherwood Tony Johnson) to Lakes Media LLC, a subsidiary of Birch Broadcasting Corporation (Thomas C. Birch, Aurora D.P. Birch). Cash. Duopoly with WWDN-AM Danville VA. [FCC file date 3/28/11]

$1K KQOH-FM CP Ash Grove MO from St. Robert Bellarmine Educational Association Inc. (Dan Grelle) to Catholic Radio Network Inc. (James E. O’Loughlin et al). Cash. Buyer seeks 18 month CP extension. CP is for Class C1 on 91.5 MHz with 74.5 kW @ 344’.  [FCC file date 3/28/11]