Transactions: 5-11-10


$400K KQPN-AM Memphis TN (West Memphis AR) from Simmons-Austin LS LLC (David Simmons) to KQPN Inc. (Fred Westenberger). $40K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Superduopuoly with WMQM-AM Lakeland TN and WLRM-AM Millington TN. [FCC file date 5/4/10]

$3,950 WNRE-FM CP Enoree SC from Spirit Broadcasting Group Inc. (C. Curtis Sigmon) to Richburg Educational Broadcasters Inc. (Jeffrey C. Sigmon Jr.). Cash. CP is for Class A on 88.1 MHz with 175 w @ 253’. [FCC file date 5/4/10]