Transactions: 5-20-10


$50K KHGQ-FM Quincy CA from Hilltop Church (Vernon Miller) to Sierra Radio Inc. (Gary Katz, Jerrie Rindahl-Katz, Tom F. Huth). $5K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Station is silent. Seller will file to change license from noncommercial to commercial. Combo with Huth’s KPCO-AM Quincy CA. [FCC file date 5/14/10]

$5K KSGQ-FM CP Kimball NE from Ocean Side Broadcasting Inc. (A. Wray Fitch III) to Cedar Cove Broadcasting Inc. (Victor A. Michael Jr., Lori Michael, Mitchell A. Beranek). Cash. CP is for Class A on 88.3 MHz with 510 w @ 282’. [FCC file date 5/14/10]