Transactions: 5-21-08


1.909M KFTT-FM Bagdad AZ, KVYHL-FM CP Mohave AZ from Smoke and Mirrors LLC (Rick L. Murphy) to Big River Broadcasting LLC (Steven M. Greeley, Brooke Megan Murphy, Ryan L. Murphy, Christopher P. Rolands). 350K escrow, 1.609M note. 1.023 allocated to KFTT, 886K allocated to KVYL. KVYL-FM CP is for Class A with 6 kw @ -25′. [File date 4/14/08.]

350K KRBI-FM Mankato-New Ulm-St. Peter MN (St. Peter MN) from Three Eagles Communications LLC (Rolland C. Johnson) to Northern Lights Broadcasting LLC (Carl R. Pohlad, Steve Woodbury et al). 35K escrow, balance in cash at closing. [File date 4/14/08.]