Transactions: 5-26-11


$250K KXPS-AM Palm Springs CA (Thousand Palms CA) from MCC Radio LLC, related to Morris Communications Corporation (William S. Morris III) to CRC Media West LLC (Ron Cohen et al). $25K escrow, balance in cash at closing. [FCC file date 5/16/11]

$123.5K FM CP Greenville CA; FM CP Mount Hebron CA; and FM CP Sunrise AZ from De la Cruz International Ministries Inc. (Reyna Cruz) to Zion Multimedia Corporation (Josue Azurdia, Roberto A. Solorzano). Cash. Seller also will receive unspecified amount of airtime on Zion stations. Buyer seeks 18 month CP extension. Greenville CP is for Class A on 89.3 MHz with 1 kW @ -741’; Mount Hebron CP is for Class A on 89.3 MHz with 4.2 kW @ -256’; Sunrise CP is for Class C2 on 90.5 MHz with 1 kW @ 1/883’. [FCC file date 5/16/11]