Transactions: 6-10-10


$2M KHIJ-FM Las Vegas NV (Mesquite NV) from BMB Operating LLC (John Maguire) to LKCM RG Licenses LLC, a subsidiary of LCKM Radio Group LP (J. Bryan King, Kevin Prigels, Michael Bornitz). $100K escrow, $1.4M cash at closing ($1M to PCRL Investments LP, $400K to seller) and $500K note in favor of seller. Station holds CP to change COL to Bunkerville NV. [FCC file date 6/4/10]

$30K KHDO-FM Hondo TX from Misioneros Cristianos en Accion (Armando Nunez) to Ministerios Jovenes Derribando Fortalezas (Israel Castillo et al). Cash. [FCC file date 6/4/10]