Transactions: 6-18-08


$900K WBBV-FM Vicksburg MS from Holladay Broadcasting of Louisiana LLC (Robert Holladay) to Debut Broadcasting of Mississippi Inc., a subsidiary of Debut Broadcasting Corporation Inc. (Robert Marquitz, Steven Ludwig et al). $100K cash at closing, $800K note. Includes non-compete. Duopoly with LMA of KLSM-FM, which is being leased from seller. [File date 4/30/08]

$140,406 KWDE-FM CP Eureka MT from Horizon Christian Fellowship (Mike MacIntosh) to Anderson Radio Broadcasting Inc. (Dennis L. Anderson, Nyla Y. Anderson). $5K deposit, balance in cash at closing. Buyer will convert to commercial license. CP is for Class C2 on 93.5 MHz with 2.4 kw @ 1,818’. [File date 4/30/08]