Transactions: 6-25-08


$1.6M WZNZ-AM Jacksonville FL from Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting Corporation (Nancy A. Epperson) to Queen of Peace Radio Inc. (J. Christopher Williams et al). $32.5K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Buyer will convert to noncommercial operation. Duopoly with WQOP-AM. Seller retains interest in WBOB-AM, 50% interest in AM CP for Nassau-Village-Ratliff FL and an interest in noncommercial stations WCRJ-FM & WAYL-FM. [File date 5/6/08]

$650K KWBE-AM Beatrice NE from NRG License Sub LLC, a subsidiary of NRG Media LLC (Mary Quass) to Siebert Broadcasting Inc. (Rick Siebert). $32.5K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Superduopoly with KUTT-AM/KGMT-AM Fairbury NE. LMA 4/1/08. [File date 5/6/08]

$17.5K KWDI-FM CP Idalia CO from Horizon Christian Fellowship (Mike MacIntosh) to Conundrum Communications Investments Inc. (Roger Hoppe). $1,750 deposit, balance in cash at closing. Buyer will convert the station to commercial operation. CP is for Class A on 94.1 MHz with 100 w @ 190’. It is applying to upgrade to Class C2 with 50 kw @ 285’. [File date 5/5/08]