Transactions: 6-30-08


$675K KDXE-AM Little Rock AR (North Little Rock AR) from Simmons Austin LS LLC, a subsidiary of Simmons Media Group (G. Craig Hanson et al0 to AHB LLC (Alma Viscarra). LMA 3/1/08. 50% of LMA fees credited to purchase price, balance in cash at closing. Minimal duopoly overlap with LMA/acquisition of KZTD-AM Cabot AR, which is not part of Little Rock market. [File date 5/13/08].

N/A WGUY-FM & WFZX-FM Bangor ME (Dexter, Searsport ME) from Blueberry Broadcasting LLC (Louis Vitali, Bruce Biette) to Kalil Holding Group LLC as Trustee (Frank Kalil). Excess stations from Clear Channel acquisition placed in trust for resale. [File date 5/14/08].

N/A WQIZ-AM St. George SC. 100% of Radio Properties LLC from Eugene J. Zurlo to Mediatrix SC Inc. (F. Gary Towery, Eric Norton, Paul Danese, A. Peter Shahid Jr.). Station gifted to foursome. [File date 5/14/08].