Transactions: 7-1-11


$575K KRCM-AM Houston TX (Shenandoah TX) from Voice Broadcasting Inc. (Ralph H. McBride) to DAIJ media LLC (Roberto R. Villarreal, Ruben Villarreal). $20K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Licensed but silent, originally licensed to Beaumont TX. Buyer seeks 18 month extension to complete CP. Licensed for 1380 kHz, 250 W-D, 69 W-N, ND; CP for 2.8 kW-D, 60 W-N. [FCC file date 6/20/11]

$65K KRTK-AM Pocatello ID (Chubbock ID) from Broken Chains Inc. (Jeff Fadness) to KSPD Inc. (Beth A. Schafer). $6.5K earnest money, balance in cash at closing. [FCC file date 6/17/11]