Transactions: 7-11-08


$3.65M WRZK-FM Johnson City-Kingsport-Bristol TN-VA (Colonial Heights TN) from Murray Communications (Martha Murray) to Caloosa Television Corporation, a subsidiary of Glenwood Communications Corporation (William M. Boyd, George E. DeVault Jr. et al). $182.5K escrow, $817.5K cash at closing, $2.65M note. Buyer is exercising a right of first refusal it has on an LMA/option struck by third party LSRadio LLC 3/1/96. Superduopoly with WKPT-AM, WOPI-AM, WKTP-AM, WTFM-FM & pending acquisition of WVEK-FM; cross-ownership with WKPT-TV. [File date 5/21/08]

$350K WFMN-AM/WMCJ-AM Cullman AL from Williams Communications Inc. (Walton E. Williams Jr.) to Walton E. Williams III. Debt assumption. [File date 5/20/08]

$250K WSVM-AM Valdese NC from GHB of Washaw Inc., a subsidiary of GHB Broadcasting Corporation (George H. Buck Jr.) to Radio Emmanuel Inc. (Elliot Ramos). $12.5K escrow, $62.5K cash at closing, $175K note. Buyer is non-commercial. [File date 5/20/08]
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