Transactions: 7-16-09


$600K KGVL-AM/KIKT-FM Greenville TX from Susquehanna Radio Corporation, a subsidiary of Cumulus Media Partners LLC (Lewis R. Dickey Jr.) to KGVL Radio LLC (Alpha Horne). $100K escrow, $50K cash at closing, $450K note. Cumulus has agreement with Liberman Broadcasting to move 93.5 MHz KIKT-FM farther away from Dallas market to Cooper TX, while upgrading stick from Class A with 1.8 kw @ 328’ to Class C3 with 12.5 kw @ 407’, so Liberman can upgrade Dallas-Ft. Worth property. If complete, buyer will execute the CP/city of license change at its own expense, seller will collect on its agreement with Liberman, and buyer will deduct $200K from the note, bringing the price of the combo to $400K. [FCC file date 6/18/09]