Transactions: 7-18-08


$500K WGHC-AM Charlotte-Gastonia NC-Rock Hill SC (Clayton GA moving to Mount Holly NC) from Sutton Radiocasting Corporation (Douglas M. Sutton Jr.) to Family First (Linda de Romanett, Howard Sinclair, Diane Philpott). $25K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Buyer is non-profit. Seller will also receive tax benefit for charitable contribution for any appraised value of the station above the purchase price. Station holds CP to move from 1370 kHz with 250 w-D, ND in Clayton GA to 870 kHz with 5-kw-D ND in Mount Holly NC. [File date 6/2/08]

N/A KZEP-FM San Antonio TX from Lotus Communications Corporation (Howard Kalmenson) to Clear Channel Broadcasting Inc. (Mark Mays). Like kind exchange for KWID-FM Las Vegas NV and KDFO-FM Bakersfield CA. Superduopoly with WOAI-AM, KTKR-AM, KAJA-FM, KQXT-FM, KXXM-FM, KRPT-FM. [File date 6/2/08]

N/A KWID-FM Las Vegas NV and KDFO-FM Bakersfield CA from Clear Channel Broadcasting Inc. (Mark Mays) to Lotus Communications Corporation (Howard Kalmenson). Like kind exchange for KZEP-FM San Antonio TX. Superduopoly in Las Vegas with KBAD-AM, KENO-AM, KWWN-AM, KXPT-FM, KOMP-FM, KWID-FM; in Bakersfield with KWAC-AM, KCHJ-AM, KDFO-FM, KPSI-FM, KIWI-FM. [File date 6/2/08]