Transactions: 7-21-08


$137.5K KWAP-FM CP Pine Haven WY from Davao LLC (Hursell Lee Adkins Jr.) to Keyhole Broadcasting LLC (Kevin Clements, Otice Clements). $10K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Duopoly with KPKL-FM Moorcroft WY, being LMA’d by buyer from Family Voice Communications LLC. CP is for Class C1 on 99.1 MHz with 28 kw @ 1,594’. [File date 6-4-08]

$20K KDRG-FM CP Breckenridge TX from Gospel American Network (Bill R. Wright) to CSSI Non-Profit Educational Broadcasting Corporation (Charles H. Beard, Charles A. Beard, Melinda Beard). $2K down payment, balance in cash at closing. CP is for Class C3 on 89.9 MHz with 17.9 kw @ 325’. [File date 6-3-08]

N/A WFTE-FM CP Wilkes Barre-Scranton PA (Mount Cobb PA) from Center for Creative Cooperation Inc. (Don Noll) to Community Radio Collective Inc. (Alex Allen et al). Cash free transfer from on non-profit to another. CP is for Class A on 90.3 MHz with 3 kw @ 95’. [File date 6/2/08]